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MSC Sleeping Experience

MSC Cruises has launched a pilot programme with the support of its partner, the European Sleep Center (ESC), designed to help you to discover or rediscover the key elements in sleeping well to improve your welbeing and quality of life both on board and beyond. Because an MSC cruise is of course more than a unique, authentic and enriching escape that lasts a few days. It's also the memories and experiences you take back home and share with your loved ones. So we sincerely hope this Enhanced Sleep Programme will not only help you enjoy your cruise even more, but also energise you to keep on enhancing your lifestyle at home.

Enhance the quality of your sleep onboard an MSC Cruise

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In-Cabin Amenities

  • Bedding
    Recent studies have shown that quality bedding improves your deep slow-wave sleep - the gold standard of sleep quality - by 7 to 15%, and also reduces the lenght and frequency of waking episodes during the night. That's why we at MSC have partnered with Dorelan, one of Italy's leading bedding specialist, to provide superlative bedding in your cabin: a premium firm mattress for effective support with a soft touch topper to help you "let go", resulting in less back pain and fewer waking moments during the night. We also provide 2 diffrent kinds of pillows for evert bed. So you can immediately make your own choice of soft or firm comfort before exploring the many options of the Dorelan Pillow Menu in your cabin. 
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Scent
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Physical Activity

  • Outside activities
  • MSC Gym
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  • Advice
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
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Our Partner

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The ESC was established in 2008 by Dr Francois Duforez, well-know Sport and Sleep Doctor since the eighties. 
The ESC team is made up of Doctors, Scientist, Wellbeing Professionals and Consultants who are specialists in sleep, quality life and wellbeing. The ESC works with patients experiencing sleep issues, companies seeking validation for products and services that positively influence the wake/sleep cycle, and world-class athletes, their federations and professional clubs looking to optimize performance in the long term through the most efficient recovery. You can find out more at