Little San Salvador Island, Bahamas

Travel to Little San Salvador Island in the Bahamas on a Caribbean cruise with MSC Cruises and look forward to powdery beaches and unbroken sunshine in this heavenly island retreat.Exclusive, secluded and all yours to enjoy, Little San Salvador Island (also known as Half Moon Cay), is one of the most beautiful of the hundreds of beautiful tropical islands that make up the Bahamas Archipelago.

It has earned itself a name as one of the most sought-after holiday locations on the planet, and you’ll be sure to agree as you explore its unspoiled splendour. Imagine yourself strolling along the nature trails that crisscross this tiny isle, beach-combing, bird spotting, cycling or playing in the sea, enjoy exciting water sports, including jet-skiing, deep-sea fishing and parasailing. Romance is in the air too, and there’s even a quaint little chapel where couples can exchange or renew their vows.

And it doesn’t end there. Possibilities

Cruises van / naar Little San Salvador in 2024

Excursies en activiteiten Little San Salvador

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